Due to ATF final rule 2021R-08F, all Quarter Circle 10 Full Pistol Builds will no longer come with pistol braces installed or included.
Please contact us if you have any questions before ordering.

About Quarter Circle 10


Mission Statement 

Quarter Circle 10 is a specialty weapons manufacturer and industry resource for Pistol Caliber Carbine products.

All Quarter Circle 10 products are “Made for - Not Modified,” to accommodate pistol caliber ammunition,  the familiarity of the AR15 platform plus superior aesthetics and top rate performance. Additionally, this design provides Quarter Circle 10 weapons broad adaptability allowing nearly limitless modification through ’off-the-shelf,’ components and furniture to suit the individual requirements of the end user.

At Quarter Circle 10, we are dedicated to providing all shooters with a high quality performance standard, unmatched customer service and producing an authentically American firearm. 


We are a legacy that can not be bootlegged with true cowboy spirit that can not be ignored. 

Why the name Quarter Circle 10? Well, this is where the Texas history begins. In 1864, George Washington Saunders was gifted ten head of cattle on his tenth birthday.  Saunders then created the brand Quarter Circle 10 to mark his livestock. Saunders became a pioneer of the great cattle drives in Texas from 1866-1895 and helped organize The Old Time Trail Drivers of Texas in 1915 serving as the group’s president for many years. 

George Washington Saunders was the great, great grandfather of the founder and owner of the company, Bettina Jary-Mathis. To this day, she continues the long tradition of branding the cattle and horses at the family ranch with Quarter Circle 10


Currently, Quarter Circle 10 serves as the name for the AR Pistol Caliber company. It is headquartered in Dripping Springs, Texas with its manufacturIng plant in Tucson, Arizona. This family and female owned business is not only producing quality firearm products to the market for others to share in the legacy, but fights for the protection of the 2nd Amendment rights and the protection of core American values. 

With projects that engage female and youth shooters, supporting competition events, service members and educating others on the importance of the righteous things that bind us together.   

By supporting various Second Amendment non-profits, we hope to make a positive difference in our community. Through this participation and support, we embody the virtues of the Old West, which is to do our best, to be cheerful, courageous, uncomplaining, helpful and chivalrous.

Our Commitment 

Excelling in customer service is one of our core values. Providing quality product support is one of the many ways we project this commitment to our customers. Whether our customers are looking for a new product or have a technical issue, we will make sure that all questions are answered and issues are resolved. All Quarter Circle 10 products are Guaranteed for life.  

All Quarter Circle 10 products are “Made for- Not Modified” to accommodate the AR15 platform, creating an aesthetically superior look and top rate performance standard. 

We are Quarter Circle 10. We are THE AR Pistol Caliber BRAND.