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Colt 32 Round Magazine

9mm Metal Form Colt SMG Magazine 32 round

Quarter Circle 10 Pistol Flash Can

Pistol Caliber Flash Can

Pistol Caliber Flash Hider


Quarter Circle 10, THE AR Pistol Caliber BRAND. Leader in top of the line, dedicated AR15 Pistol Caliber parts. Pistol Caliber Flash Hider


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  • A2-style flash hider

  • Disperses Muzzle Blast & Flash

  • Lathe-turned for pistol caliber compatibility

  • ½-28 thread for 9mm barrels

  • ⅝-24 thread for old-style .40 and .45 barrels

  • .578-28 thread for new-style .40 and .45 barrels

  • Crush washer included

*Flash hider + crush washer (included) add approximately 1 3/8 (1.375)" beyond length of barrel.

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